Cat Sitting & Small Pet Care in Blackburn & surrounding areas.

We provide a top quality cat sitting  service , while you are away for the weekend or on holiday.  Cats love the comforts of home where they feel safe and secure surrounded by familiar sights, smells and their favourite places to sleep.  Disruption can upset them, being away from their home can be traumatic for your much-loved pet.

With our home visit service, your cat will receive all the care and attention they deserve. We respect their personalities, by giving them space if needed or lots of attention if that’s what they enjoy. 

Cat sitting visits can be once or twice a day, more if you prefer, depending on your preference. We will feed your cat their usual diet, wash food bowls, fresh water, clean litter trays, and in addition, grooming if required, and  medication administered including insulin injections and eye drops.

Further more our aim is to ensure that your pet feels comfortable when you are away, with a minimal amount of disruption to their daily routine.

During the visit, we offer our home check service, if required, free of charge.               See details below.


Small pet care

We will visit your home for hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, lizards, snakes, caged birds, chickens etc., to feed and clean hutches/cages to your requirements.
Please contact us for any other requirements not already listed, e.g., smallholdings.

House sitting

Overnight stays in pet owners own home, giving your pet company and extra security for your home.

Home check service

As well as caring for pets in their own home, we can also look after your property, while you are away.
Your home could be pet-free, or your pets are away on holiday too.
So, while you are away from home we can offer our services to help make your home seem occupied.
Rather than asking a neighbour, or a relative to call round, we can visit your home as many times as you wish.

Offering home visits for

  • Security checks, doors and windows
  • Curtains, opening and closing
  • Putting out the bins
  • Move post, leaflets out of sight
  • Alternate lights on and off
  • Filling wild bird feeders
  • Watering your plants
  • indoor and outdoor
  • hanging baskets, greenhouse plants

Cat care tailored to your needs. 


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