Dog walking in Blackburn


At S & J Pet Services, our dog walking service is perfect for anyone who may be out at work all day, feeling unwell and may need a little extra help, mobility issues, or other commitments.

Experienced dog walkers


We offer dog walking on a regular basis, between one and six days per week.
As we are a team of four dog walkers it allows more availability to provide for your dog walking needs.

We will take your best friend for a pleasant walk or a good run around in a mixed group, with other friendly dogs, helping to keep them healthy and happy when you can’t be there. Either on or off the lead, your choice.

Nowadays most of us have to work full time, leaving us with less free time, taking us away from home for many hours a day and unable to take time out to call home at lunchtime.

We can help. With a dog walker, even when you can’t be there or haven’t the time, your dog can enjoy some time outside, usually in a park or similar. On their return, we give them a rub down with a towel if wet or muddy, and make sure they have fresh water available.

Group Walks for Small Dogs.


These groups are for small dogs only. Are you worried, thinking your small dog is more vulnerable or you maybe concerned about them being injured by a larger dog. Maybe your little dog would prefer the company of other dogs of a similar size, where they would feel more at ease.

Puppies/older dogs.


If you have a new puppy, an elderly or unwell dog that cannot go out or walk very far. We will visit your home during the day to let them out in the garden, or take them for a short walk. Give them some playtime and cuddles, make sure they have fresh water, and feed them if required. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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